Data Umbrella Ltd provides information governance and mobile working solutions using digital enabled technologies.

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    We are engaged and trading within the NHS, primary and secondary care settings. Be part of it.

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    Protecting your data come rain or shine to ensure when collaborating sensitive data it's handled in a secure manner

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We are all about collaborating and working together. Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.

About Us

We are an innovative, growing SME. We nurture fresh ideas, new perspectives, utilising a diversity of experiences, and a dedication to service that will help us better meet the needs of the businesses that rely on secure data provisions.


Data Umbrella evolved as identifying a need to satisfy the requirements of the Data Protection Act. We recognised there was an opportunity arising as the internet evolved and technology was driving everything towards the 'explosion' of big data and bringing to the fore the innate challenges to manage data securely whilst sharing data becomes exponential.

The Need?

High profile data breaches were becoming prevalent in the press and penalties being imposed by government and regulatory bodies. We recognised enterprises needed solutions that securely embrace mobile technology and that also enables them to be agile for productivity. The current climates all about innovation and collaboration, users need to share data securely.


Health orientated applications are estimated to make up approximately 40% of new smartphone apps currently being developed. This is a huge market and only set to increase as the benefits become more apparent and smartphone and tablet technology become more widespread. Smart applications have the potential to be adapted and used by healthcare professionals and consumers, helping to revolutionise the sector and reflect the digital age we live in. Get in touch to collaborate with us.


We started working with Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) by providing data support services and have now evolved to working with a number of NHS trusts on a different number of projects. Healthcare organisations of all types are now making increased use of technology to engage with their patient and stakeholders to deliver valued communications to encourage better healthcare and patient services. Get in touch to discuss any of your data service’s needs.

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Our Products

To date our primary 3 products within the NHS are -


MediDox Interchange


58 WordPress Themes
72 Marketplace Followers
7K Monthly Sales
3 Developers & Designers

Clients and Partners

Collaborate with us. We want to hear from you. Send us a short message about your needs.

Our Small Team

We are all about collaborating. Whilst we are lean, we bring in consultants and specialists for some of the funky stuff.

Jaz Somal CEO

Jaz is a versatile, innovative and successful leader  with a host of technical and commercial skills acquired across a wide range of demanding roles with over 23 years’ experience within the local government and commercial sectors. Jaz is responsible for project health and collaborations.

Nick Dosanjh COO

Nick is a very experienced IT Outsourcing professional having extensive experience on large IT infrastructure outsourcing sale engagements up to the value of $1Bn+. Work experience has covered multi-regions EMEA/Americas/APJ. Nick is responsible for business strategy and technological integrations.

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We are always looking for individuals and companies to join us in delivering outstanding services. Collaborate and connect with us now.

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Our Skills

Data Umbrella specialises in delivering industry focussed Healthcare solutions looking to encompass 'the internet of things' as digital capabilities proliferates. Our unique blend of strategic enterprise technologies, combined with an end-user centric led approach, enables us to deliver true working innovation for our clients.

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Here are some more information about us, you can get in touch with us any time you want.


Serendip Digital Health Incubator
Innovation Birmingham Campus
Holt Street
B7 4BB
0203 012 0027


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